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Trip to London

big big update from the last few days:

-i have been eating fish and chips on the first evening here. I liked it, we ate at Poppys (everyone there was so nice!!)
-we have internet and netflix in the apartment we rent and this makes me (us all actually) very happy
-i have been to the British Museum where i have seen many dead people and many vases, it was all very interesting and beautiful.
-that same day we went to m&m world, this was really, amazingly great and i bought some m&m’s there, i also almost bought red pj’s with “irresistable” on it, but ended up deciding not to
- we also went to the Globe Theatre and this was amazing! i bought a poster with quotes. our tour guide was really nice and funny, all in all a great experience
- then we went to the Tower, since it was quite hot, i was tired and we already had a tour that day, this was mostly yawning and trying to find some shadow. inside, out of the heat, it was all very beautiful and i ended up liking it anyways.
-my mom had a slight breakdown in St. Pauls. she thought it was “just so beautifully made!” it was of course, but i didnt have the same breakdown as her. The whispering gallery was truley amazing and we went up as high as we were allowed. the view was breathtaking!
-today we went to the Who Shop and my inner fangirl jumped out
i bought a tardis poster and a Doctor Who card-holder thingy
- after that (‘that’ includes stepping through the Tardis into the little DW museum) we found a book shop and mum bought me two early birthday gifts, promesing that she would buy mr the other two i wanted later this vacation. the two items are: TFIOS and Paper Towns by John Green. i have already read and seen TFIOS but it was to great of a book to only read once. i also wished to read more of John Green his books, and since that was all i wanted, i got it :)

That is all that has happened until now, besides starting Orange is the new black and several attempts to keep the apartment clean and eat healthy

i also promised two people a “thank-you-for-helping-us-with-our-trip” picture, but even though the WIFI works, it does not work good enough to post pictures. i am now halfway through TFIOS and i am loving it just as much as i did the first time

now, goodbye for the next few days. i will post some pictures when i am back home :)

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